A mixed-race family of four watching a movie at home. The dad is holding a popcorn bowl and smiling. The kids are cuddling with pillows and blankets and looking at the TV screen.
Family image of Nursing Daddy dad and kids

About Nursing Daddy

Wow, I am truly honoured that you have decided to dive deeper into ND to learn more about me.

So, who am I?

I am the guy in the picture with my family. I am Paul, an English man with West African ancestral links. I am a 1978 baby (Earth Horse, according to the Chinese). I am blessed with a 2012 son (Water Dragon), a 2014 daughter (Wood Horse) and a 2017 son (Fire Rooster). The kids are an exotic mix of English and Swedish, with West and North African flavour!

What’s my background?

I have a doctoral degree in automotive engineering, have played sports to a high level, and have coached some pretty good national and international athletes, which makes me a sports-mad ND. I navigated myself into sports research, leading major scientific projects for the most significant international sports governing body, FIFA.

So why the ND blog?

I would like to take credit for initiating the blog. Still, this accolade lies with the most humble Jean Yves, who I met while holidaying in Antigua in January 2015. I later discovered Jean is the best pastry chef in Massachusetts, with a string of A-List clients. So if you’re ever in Massachusetts (Lenox and Great Barrington), check him out at  Patisserie Lenox.


I spoke to Jean about why I had decided, following the birth of our second child, to be working from home dad, looking after the kids during the day and working at night. Unbeknownst to me, Jean had taken a keen interest in my interactions with my kids and passed me some compliments about my involvement with them. He suggested that I start a blog for dads on modern-day parenting. Jean felt that as a dad who has worked full-time and part-time and is now serving as a full-time ND, I had much to offer. So the ND concept was born.

But the internet is awash with material on parenting, how can you possibly offer anything different?

That is a great question. Initially, I felt the same – how could I add anything different? However, after pondering this for a month, I decided I could offer a fresh take on family blogging.

I aim to discuss knowledge gained from my various roles as ND while sharing a view on all things family and life. Should I be lucky enough to earn followers, I hope we can work together to develop interesting questions, which I can open to everyone in a questionnaire format and then analyse and present the findings. If you have not guessed already, a researcher in me is trying to burst out!

What I have in mind if it comes off is that we can all have a laugh on the way and learn from each other. My aim for ND (although the name suggests otherwise) is to mass appeal to all parents and non-parents.

Once again, thanks for showing an interest in this blog. The web is a prominent place, and you selected ND.

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