A mixed-race family of four skiing on a snowy mountain. The dad is holding ski poles and smiling. The kids are wearing ski suits and goggles and skiing behind him. There are snowflakes and pine trees in the view.


ND = Nursing Daddy


NM = Nursing Mummy

Whilst holidaying in Antigua in January 2015 I met the most humble Jean Yves. I later found out that Jean is the best pastry chef in Massachusetts with a string of A-List clients. If you’re ever in Massachusetts (Lenox and Great Barrington) check him out at Patisserie Lenox.


After spending hours speaking with Jean about kids, parenting, business ideas and lots more, Jean suggested that I should start a blog for dads, sharing my views and experiences, as a dad who has worked full-time, part-time and is now serving as a full-time ND. ND was born with all credits going to Jean Yves.

I would love to say that ND was the first name that popped into my mind. I played around with lots of names before arriving at ND.


Selecting the correct name had to satisfy two key points, the first of which was that the name had to represent a dad’s view on parenting and secondly the name had to correspond to the .com domain and social media names. Satisfying the second point was no mean feat. After some time I had my eureka moment and the name Nursing Daddy was born. On reflection it is almost as if it was meant to be!

This blog is by no means trying to impress my secondary school English teacher, however, at the same time I believe that there has to be a level of professionalism out of respect to all my readers.


The blog is edited by Anna Sladen. Anna and I have been friends since university days, and could not think of a better person to take this journey with.

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Before I proceed, I think it is very important to note, ND is not endorsed by those listed below. I am happy to say that ND paid the going rates for the services of those that contributed to the design and development of the ND website. I have inserted this section in the FAQ as I am a strong believer that credit in life should be given to those that do great work.

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