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10 Tips to Create a Positive Learning Environment for Kids

Discover 10 essential tips to create a positive learning environment for your child. From encouraging play and parental involvement to leveraging technology and organising extra-curricular activities, learn how to foster your child's love for learning and set them up for success. Implement these strategies to support your child's educational journey, regardless of background.

Graduate Earnings – Based on Gender, Parental Wealth, University, Subject, and Social Background

A study found that graduate earnings are significantly influenced by gender, parental wealth, university attended, subject studied, and social background. While passion and creativity should guide a child's choices, the report highlights the importance of considering potential earnings when deciding about higher education and future prospects.

Postcode Lottery School vs Faith School vs Independent School

Navigating the complex landscape of state, faith, and independent schools in the UK can be daunting for parents. Factors such as catchment areas, religious affiliation, and financial considerations are crucial in determining the best fit for a child's education. Discover the key aspects to consider when selecting a primary school.

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