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Open Letter to Dana White: Reconsidering Igor Severino’s UFC Disqualification for Biting

In this heartfelt open letter to Dana White, I argue that Igor Severino deserves a shot at redemption. Severino's lifetime ban from the UFC following his disqualification for biting an opponent should be reconsidered. Drawing on examples of second chances given to other fighters and the UFC's values, I argue that Severino deserves a shot at redemption.

Facial Expressions Around the World

Explore the intriguing world of facial expressions that serve as a universal language yet are uniquely influenced by cultural nuances. Dive into Paul Ekman's groundbreaking research of Matsumoto's cultural studies and examine how individualism and collectivism shape our emotional displays. This post is your comprehensive guide to understanding the emotional symphony each face represents.

The Thin Line Between Motivation and Bullying in Elite Sports

Explore the complex issue of bullying in elite sports and the fine line between motivation and mistreatment. This post delves into athletes' experiences across various disciplines, examining the high-pressure environment of elite sports and its impact on mental health. Discover the urgent need for change and the importance of prioritising athlete welfare.

The Human Cost of Saving Face: How ITV Failed Phillip Schofield

This in-depth analysis of Phillip Schofield's BBC interview explores his personal and professional fallout from his secret affair. By examining the conversation in detail, the piece delves into the complexities of workplace relationships, media scrutiny, and mental health, offering a nuanced perspective on the human cost of public scandals.

From Cardiff to Downing Street: A Plea for Honesty in Leadership

Discover the importance of honesty in leadership through a thought-provoking journey from the streets of Cardiff to the halls of Downing Street. This post examines recent events and controversies, highlighting the need for transparency and accountability among those in power. Learn how fostering a culture of honesty can build trust and create a stronger society.

Qatar Merits The FIFA World Cup 2022

Despite the controversies surrounding the event, this post presents a thought-provoking argument for why Qatar merits hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Explore the historical inequalities in World Cup host selection, the impact of media bias, and the potential for the tournament to drive positive change in the region and promote cultural understanding.