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Welcome to Paul's Story! Wow, I am truly honoured that you’ve decided to dive deeper into "Paul's Story" here at Nursing Daddy to learn more about me.

Who Am I? I’m the guy in the picture with my kids. My name is Paul, and I am an Englishman with West African ancestral links. Born in 1978 (Earth Horse, according to the Chinese zodiac), I am blessed with three children: a 2012 son (Water Dragon), a 2014 daughter (Wood Horse), and a 2017 son (Fire Rooster). The kids are an exotic mix of English and Swedish, with West and North African flavours!

My Background I hold a doctoral degree in automotive engineering and have played sports at a high level. I’ve also coached good national and international athletes, making me a sports-mad ND. My journey has led me into sports research, where I’ve headed major scientific projects for the world’s most significant international sports governing body, FIFA.

The Birth of Nursing Daddy The idea for Nursing Daddy was sparked not by me but by the most humble Jean Yves, whom I met while holidaying in Antigua in January 2015. Jean, the best pastry chef in Massachusetts with a string of A-List clients, suggested I start a blog during a conversation about my life as a working-from-home dad. Moved by my dedication to my family, he felt I had valuable insights to offer. Thus, the ND concept was born.

If you’re ever in Massachusetts (Lenox and Great Barrington), check him out at Patisserie Lenox.

Why Nursing Daddy? The internet is awash with material on parenting, but I believed I could offer a fresh take. After much reflection, I realised that my diverse experiences could help others see life in new ways. ND has evolved from a simple blog into a platform that delves into all aspects of family and life, aiming to foster a community where we can laugh, learn, and grow together. While ND suggests a focus on fatherhood, the blog’s scope is broad, appealing to all parents and non-parents.

Thank You for Joining Me Once again, thanks for showing an interest in this blog. The web is a prominent place, and you selected ND. I look forward to engaging with you, developing exciting discussions, and sharing this journey.

Engage with Us I cherish each story and perspective you bring to this community. Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments or connect with us on our social media platforms. Whether you explore personal growth, delve into complex relationships, or enjoy the diverse content, your contributions enrich our dialogue. Let’s continue this conversation together! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay updated and participate in our vibrant community. Your voice is essential in shaping Nursing Daddy’s future!