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Welcome to the Nursing Daddy FAQ page! Here, we’ve gathered frequently asked questions to help you better understand our blog, mission, and operation. You’ll find answers here if you’re curious about the creation process, our privacy practices, or how to engage with our content. We value transparency and open dialogue, ensuring all your queries are addressed comprehensively. If there’s anything that needs to be covered, feel free to reach out directly.

The idea for Nursing Daddy was sparked during a holiday in Antigua in January 2015, when I met the incredibly talented pastry chef Jean Yves. Inspired by our discussions about life, parenting, and career transitions, Jean suggested I start a blog to share my unique perspective as a full-time dad juggling diverse roles. Check out Paul’s Story on our About Us page for a deeper dive.

Choosing the right name was crucial, reflecting a father's perspective on parenting and compatibility with domain and social media availability. After much deliberation, Nursing Daddy emerged as the perfect fit, symbolising care and dedication in modern parenting.

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While the blog began as a solo project, it's now meticulously edited by my longtime friend and collaborator, Anna Sladen. We strive for clarity and professionalism in every post, respecting our readers’ need for quality content.

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