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The Emotional Wheel Analysis of Philip Schofield’s Interview

Capturing the wide range of emotions expressed in Philip Schofield's interview, demonstrating the emotional depth and complexity of the conversation.


An Emotional Wheel diagram representing the range of emotions expressed by Philip Schofield during the interview. The wheel starts with primary emotions of sadness, fear, and anger at the center, branching out into more specific secondary and tertiary emotions, and finally leading to the contextual factors that evoke these emotions.

From the exploration of Philip Schofield’s BBC interview. I present the Emotional Wheel Analysis. This unique visualisation tool captures the spectrum of emotions expressed throughout the conversation.

The Emotional Wheel Analysis categorises emotions into primary, secondary, and tertiary levels, providing a comprehensive understanding of the emotional depth and complexity of the interview. From feelings of joy and trust to anticipation and fear, the Emotional Wheel Analysis encapsulates the emotional journey of the interview.

Explore this Emotional Wheel Analysis to better understand the emotional dynamics of Philip Schofield’s BBC interview. It’s a fascinating insight into the emotional landscape of the conversation.

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