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A Foster Carer’s Boundless Heart: Damaged – Cathy Glass

Discover the inspiring story of Cathy Glass, a foster carer with a boundless heart. In her book "Damaged," Glass recounts her experience caring for Jodie, a distraught child. Through unwavering love and dedication, Glass helps Jodie navigate her painful past and find hope for a brighter future, exemplifying the transformative power of foster care.

10 Ways to Make This Father’s Day 2022 One to Remember

Make Father's Day 2022 unforgettable with these ten heartfelt ideas. From creating a designated table for cards and gifts to reminiscing about old times and preparing his favourite meal, show Dad how much he means to you. Celebrate the special bond between father and child and create lasting memories filled with love and appreciation.

Frozen Heart

Explore the concept of a "frozen heart" and the journey of overcoming pain and heartbreak. Learn how a hardened heart, while initially protective, can hinder personal growth and healing. Discover the importance of seeking warmth and love to soften a frozen heart and embrace the vulnerability necessary for genuine connection and reconciliation.

Mother Teresa: Love and Family

Mother Teresa, a global icon of love and peace, believed that the key to world peace lies in loving one's family. Her wisdom and deep-seated passion for all human beings inspire parents striving to raise compassionate children. By teaching love at home, we can create a kinder world.

Parent-Child Kiss, Why Can’t I?

The parent-child kiss on the lips has sparked debate, with celebrities like Victoria Beckham and The Game facing criticism for showing affection to their children. While some view it as inappropriate, others argue it's a natural expression of love. Ultimately, it's a personal choice that shouldn't be subject to public scrutiny.

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