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Potential for Greatness or Screwed for Life: Embracing Change

by Paul Osei-Owusu

Embracing change means accepting and adapting to new circumstances, situations, or experiences that may come your way.

Hearing it is one thing, but the application of embracing change is a totally different game. It involves being open to the possibility of change and being willing to adjust and evolve as needed. It can involve letting go of old habits or ways of thinking and being flexible in the face of uncertainty or challenges.

Why, then, do we not embrace the negative things that happen in our lives? Embracing change can be a powerful tool for personal growth and development, and can lead to new opportunities and experiences. If this is the case, then why are we quick to accept progress (positive) and not regression (negative)?

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Last blog post

In my last blog post ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: Coping with Challenges for a Better Life’, I acknowledged that everyone has to deal with challenges in life. However, it’s not the challenge itself that defines you, but rather how you deal with it.

I explored how to cope with challenges by being honest with yourself, letting go of what you can’t control, and focusing on the things that truly matter. Inaction is not an option, action is required.

While challenges may be inevitable, they don’t have to define us or hold us back. I avoided the topic of your experiences preparing you for potential greatness or a level-up. This is what people will tell you, but what if your experiences are what life has to offer, basically being screwed for life? Scary right?

Embracing Change

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes it feels like everything is going wrong. A place I call the black hole of life. Despite our best efforts, things don’t always go according to plan and we can be left feeling defeated and overwhelmed.

The title of this blog may appear to be thought-provoking and attention-grabbing. My aim is to present a dichotomy that can spark discussion and encourage readers to reflect on their own perspectives. However, I do understand that it can also be perceived as negative and bleak.

The potential for greatness or being “screwed for life” is a subjective and personal belief that varies greatly among individuals. It can be influenced by many factors, including a person’s upbringing, education, health, personal circumstances, and life experiences.

After much searching and fighting against the wind, I have come to accept the perceived negatives of my life. That things are as they are meant to be, the power to shape my own destiny through embracing change.

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Those that have entrance to our ears will tell us that we are being pruned for better growth. Others will say that we are being built for a greater battle. While we are quick to tell anyone that will listen that we are not loved, nature does not care about us or no one can see what we are going through.

These situations in our lives are to help us grow. I do not see it as leading to a better life. By exploring the concepts of embracing change (good or bad), we unlock our full potential for greatness and living a fulfilling life, rather than feeling trapped and “screwed for life.” By embracing change, we have the opportunity to grow, evolve, and achieve success in all areas of our lives.

This is what I have come to terms with by eliminating the fallacy that I am primed for greatness. This greatness may never come, then what?

Life can be unpredictable

It’s important, to be honest about the challenges and difficulties that life can bring. Despite our best efforts to plan and prepare, things don’t always go the way we want them to.

Whether it’s a relationship that falls apart, a job loss, or a health crisis, life has a way of throwing curveballs when we least expect it. It feels like being hit by a fast travelling train.

It can be tempting to give up hope and feel defeated in the face of these challenges, but it’s important to remember that life is full of ups and downs. I have come to notice that things may not get better right away, but it’s possible to find a way forward and start moving in a positive direction.

Acceptance is key

One of the first steps I took was to succumb to my circumstances and accept reality. Acceptance doesn’t mean giving up or resigning yourself to a difficult situation. Rather, it’s about acknowledging the situation for what it is and accepting it as the starting point for moving forward.

I have noticed that by accepting my situation, I have been freed from the stress and anxiety that came from trying to resist. Allowing me to focus my energy on finding a way to cope and make the best of the situation. This I have read can lead to improved mental health, greater resilience, and a better outlook on life.

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Embracing change moving forward with a growth mindset

Acceptance of the current situation must always be the first step. Once this is done it becomes important to focus on growth and improvement. By developing a growth mindset, we can find new opportunities and challenges in even the most difficult situations.

A growth mindset means embracing challenges, learning from mistakes, and believing that we can improve and grow over time. It’s about focusing on the process of growth, rather than the end result (a rinse-and-repeat process of an athlete’s life).

One of the key ways to develop a growth mindset is to focus on learning from the situation. By recognising that success and growth often come from making mistakes and learning from them, we can become more resilient and better equipped to handle life’s challenges.

Final remarks

It’s important to remember that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness and overcome challenges, regardless of their starting point. Screwed for life only apply to those that choose to stay static and do not accept their current situation. With hard work, perseverance, and a growth mindset, anyone can achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

I tried to show a realistic and balanced view of life. My overriding message is one of encouragement to keep pushing forward and strive for growth and improvement. I have found in my own life (not that I am a significant person), by combining honesty about life’s challenges with a message of hope and motivation, I am energised.

By acknowledging reality and focusing on growth and improvement, we can develop resilience, find new opportunities, and live our best lives, even in the face of adversity.

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