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Monthly Archives: August, 2015

Flights Booked for the Family and then the Worry Starts

Booking a family holiday often brings worries beyond plane safety. Parents fret about their children's behaviour and others' perceptions during the flight. This post explores the challenges of travelling with young kids. It offers tips for keeping them entertained and well-behaved while addressing the self-inflicted worry accompanying family vacations.

Superstar Dad in the UK; Average Dad in Sweden

This post explores the stark contrast in societal perceptions of dads in the UK and Sweden. While a hands-on dad is praised as a "superstar dad in the UK", the same level of involvement is considered the norm in Sweden. Discover the cultural differences shaping these attitudes towards fatherhood and gender roles.

Parenting: Genetic Difference between Mum and Dad

This post explores the genetic, physiological, and psychological differences between mums and dads and how they impact parenting experiences. Discover fascinating insights into why parenting may vary between genders, from anatomical variations to cognitive abilities and emotional tendencies. Uncover the science behind these differences and their influence on parenting abilities.

Parenting Difference between Mum and Dad

This video explores the parenting differences between mums and dads and how they may contribute to nursing daddies feeling more exposed than nursing mummies when caring for their children. The video provides insights into the factors influencing these disparate parental experiences by examining parental variations.

Parenting Difference between Mum and Dad

This infographic provides a visual representation of the differences between mums and dads. It explores how these variations may contribute to the varying levels of comfort experienced by nursing daddies and nursing mummies when caring for their children. Discover the fascinating world of parental differences and their impact on parenting experiences.

Nursing Daddy is Born: aka ND

Nursing Daddy is born! A chance encounter inspired me to start this blog, covering all parenting topics from a dad's point of view. Join me as I share my experiences, views, and insights as a working dad, part-time dad, and stay-at-home dad. Let's embark on this journey together and share some laughs!

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