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Nursing Daddy is Born: aka ND

A father's journey begins, sharing laughter, insights, and the transformative power of parenthood.

Never in my wildest dream did I ever see myself as a blogger. However, this has all changed since a chance encounter with a lovely gentleman (see About Me and FAQ) whilst holidaying in January 2015. Based on this encounter, four months down the line a fully functional website is up and running and Nursing Daddy is Born.

Almost all forms of emotion have been experienced since this inspired chat, from the initial euphoria, to questions like What can I offer? Who wants to read my stuff? What can I write about on a regular basis?, right down to the point where you start to believe you may just have an angle which may just appeal to a small subset of readers. It’s very easy to overlook how frightening it is to start a venture like this; it is a step into the unknown, but I believe that ND has legs and can offer something to potential readers.

Put simply, ND is a blog covering all topics of parenting from a dad’s point of view. ND will:

  • Share my experience and views, as a working dad, part-time dad and stay at home dad
  • Present my experience and views in a straight forward and inquisitive manner
  • Draw out the meaning from my experience and views with the help of researched material wherever possible to give it some weight
  • Produce lots of laughing moments; possibly even some that lead to tears of laughter
  • Produce some insightful material which may be of use to us all

Thanks for reading. Stick around and let’s share some laughs!


  1. Hi Paul do you think kids benefit by being bought up by dad as the daily career rather than having mom around all the time? This question doesnt have an angle, I am just interested to hear your thoughts. Thx Jan

    • Hi Jan, Thanks for your good question! This is such a hard one to reply to. I do have to agree that kids benefit by being bought up by dad as the daily career rather than having mom around all the time.

      Kids and mom have a natural bond which is almost unbreakable; as a result kids gravitate towards mom all the time. Now having spent so much time with my kids from birth, I feel (from observing other family setups), that I have developed a special bond with both my boy and girl. Now this is not the same level of maternal bond as my wife has, but close to it. On top of this I have seen a lot of first and it was me that sent wife pictures/clips of our kids making these milestones which often only wives observe!


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