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Ancestral Genealogy of Jesus

by Paul Osei-Owusu
Ancestral Genealogy of Jesus

The New Testament provides two accounts of the ancestral genealogy of Jesus. There is one account in the Gospel of Matthew and another version in the Gospel of Luke.

In the Gospel of Matthew, the ancestral genealogy of Jesus starts with Abraham. And the Gospel of Luke commences with Adam. For both counts, the list is the same between Abraham and David. However, this is the point where the similarities end.

The ancestral genealogy of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew has twenty-seven generations from David to Joseph. In the Gospel of Luke, there are forty-two. There is almost no overlap between the names on the two lists.⁠

Considering Christian scholars have tried to put forward multiple versions, a decision was taken to use the Gospel of Matthew to compile the list in the infographics on this page. The list was compiled from Matthew 1:1–17, after which multiple web locations were used to try as best as possible to find the wives and siblings.

The associated blog post for this infographic can be found here: Ancestral Family History: Ancestral Genealogy of Jesus

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