A driver a mobile phone whilst driving. Phone next to ear and he has one hand on wheel

Using A Mobile Phone Whilst Driving, Really?

by Paul Osei-Owusu

Hello friend(s), how are you? Hope you are doing well! I saw you last Sunday (22-01-23). Not sure if you saw me. I have a question for you friend. Do you really think using a mobile phone whilst driving is a good idea?

I mean I am not trying to be funny, but you did not see me as you were too busy using your phone. I saw each and every one of you, and I really wanted to ask this question. It’s a question I can’t seem to answer, so I thought I’d ask you.

Image showing a picturesque green fields

Where did I see you using a mobile phone whilst driving?

Disclosing your location isn’t a great idea. Friend, it is not my intention to draw the police’s attention to the volume of drivers that use their phones. I’m a good guy, I know this is nice of me.

But do you know what? It scares me to see you and all my other friends each Sunday, as I walk this picturesque route. Not only for my safety but also for yours and those with you in the car. I told you I was a good guy, right? Instead of me using up my energy to think about my own pressing personal issues, I am thinking of you.

Using a mobile phone whilst driving, really friend? I know that it is not only you and the others that find the phone more enjoyable than the road. Others happen to think pushing the gas pedal-to-the-metal is a good idea.

They think the magnetism between the metals is a natural attraction. Along the same way that nectar attracts bees. Unlike bees, pollen provides bees grub with the protein they need to grow.

Image showing road entry and exit where people using mobile phone Whilst driving

What? Do you want me to tell others about the road layout?

Extended friends, as a request from my newfound friend, please allow me your time. The road layout would not feel out of place on a Formula One track. Lewis Hamilton and his boys would love the intimacy of the road.

The road’s entry opens out from a main road, and about 40 meters in, there is a mini roundabout. Beyond this, it’s pure heaven until it’s punctuated by a roundabout on the exit. Looking at the image below, you can see just how perfect this road is for speed nuts and mobile lovers!

Delightfully as this road maybe, what the right hand gives, the left-hand takes. As Martin Luther used accusatory in his Commentary on the Sermon of the Mount. The local authority spoils this pure undulating road, restricting it to 40 MPH. Not that many of my pedal-to-the-metal friends take any notice of the speed limit. That topic is for another day.

Did you know that on a Formula One track, tarmac like this which stretches 1.2 miles (1.94 km) will activate the Drag Reduction System (DRS)? The DRS will be activated just after entry, and closed just before the exit, as soon as the brake pedal is touched.

Oh, I am sorry, there I was thinking that you understood F1 lingo. So, the DRS is a driver-adjustable device. It aims to reduce aerodynamic drag, which in turn increases top speed, thus promoting overtaking. I bet you are thinking how is this possible? Well, the DRS device is part of the rear wing and when the driver gives a command to open, it opens. Just like that!

Image of layout of the road from entry to exit

Paul this is none of your business, stop sticking your nose where it is not wanted!

Touchy, touchy. How sensitive are you friend? I feel the same way as you. I am not an angel. Only God knows just how much of a sinner I am. I thank God that he/she sent his/her son to try and wipe some of my sins away. Yes, that is a difficult task, but at least I stand a chance when the pearly gates open up.

But friend, whilst it is none of my business what you do. Using a mobile phone whilst driving becomes my business. Let me try and explain a little. So, for a year or two, I have been having a hard time in life, and I have found that walking helps to lower my stress and anxiety levels. Do you know what? I walk around 92 miles a month. How good is that?

On Sunday, I go on an extended walk of around 20km (12 miles). I have put a lot of care into my Sunday walking route. Firstly to get away from the mode of transport you are using. Yes, I know this is an impossible thing to do. But all the same, I must say my route is sexy.

The issue I have is with you. You see, I cannot allow myself to get into the mindfulness place. You know that place, right? That place where all my worries and stress in the real world do not exist. But unfortunately, my stress levels (according to my Garmin watch) have increased along this road. More so than any other part of my route.

Now, considering that this is only just under 2 km of road out of my 20 km walk. It’s crazy that I would peak out on this road. Do you see that? I agree that you do not care about me or my stress, okay, that is fine. But do you know why these signs (see images below) have been posted or written along this stretch?

Road signs showing why using a mobile phone whilst driving is not a good idea. The signs are: 40mph speed limit, mud on bendy road, cars emerging from side, slow down, ad roundabout

Well, my friend, allow me to tell you! This road is dangerous, whilst it offers an exuberant racetrack layout. It also kills. I did not just say that bad word, did I? Yes, I did. This road is littered with dangers. There is the possibility of mud, cars emerging from the side roads, people coming out of drives/houses, a driver veering into your lane, and a driver speeding. You see there are endless possibilities for an incident to occur.

You see friend, they say a parent should never have to bury a child. I plan on my parents never having to experience this. Should I be blessed and they reach old age, I hope to say bye and thank them for their service to the world and me!

I can see that this has not persuaded you why using a mobile phone whilst driving is not a good idea. Okay, you see the late Queen Elizabeth II preferred to wear the crown jewels on her head. But for some strange reason, almost all mobile users whilst driving prefer to have the 8th wonder of the world (that to you and I is the mobile phone), flanked between their legs next to their crown jewels.

This act alone is fine. However, when you decide to take your eyes off the road for that split second, my heart stops. Thoughts of my parents and others visiting the cemetery with me confined to a wooden box bring tears to my eyes. Or, being severely injured, sends shivers down my soul.

You see, unlike the rest of you secured in a metal frame of the car’s monocoque body. I am simply protected by second-hand clothes procured from Vinted. These may keep me warm and may make me look a million dollars to the right beholder. This offers no protection against the might of your steel or aluminium car. And for those with well-earned cash, your carbon fibre car. And yes, I see you Ferrari and Lamborghini friends also!

I can see you are not convinced? Would you like a true story friend? No? Well, I think it is only right that I tell you in any case. After all, you told me to stick my head out of your business and up where the sun does not shine. The story goes a little like this…

Maybe, just maybe this story will help?

My BFF, who had a life-changing accident due to a reckless driver, was in the hospital. The amazing doctors saved his life. As he lay in his recovery booth and got speaking to a lady whose mother had also been hit by a car.

Do you know what happened? Well, this poor old lady was on the other side of the road. A driver coming around a roundabout lost control of his weapon (car). Crossed over to the other side of the road, mounted the pavement and hit this old lady. While smashing into shop buildings.

The driver was trapped and required treatment. The police, fire service and ambulance turned up 20 or so minutes later. As they treated this dude, he told them he thought he had hit someone. They looked around the car and could not see anybody. The driver was very sure he had hit someone. So they looked under the car and this lady was there.

The sad part friend, this old lady lost limbs. Okay, I am not sure how the driver lost control. I am not saying he was a mobile phone user, but you see friend, how exposed I am? Not just me, but you also. Should you miss me and go head-on with yet another friend on this narrow road, it will not be pretty.

You see, when cars crash head-on, the speed of the accident is not only your speed but the combined speed of what you were both doing. Now, even you can imagine this right? So, assuming you are not one of those pedal-to-the-metal types of people and were doing the speed limit (40 MPH). And if the other driver was doing the speed limit, the speed of the accident would be 80 MPH. Now, imagine the forces on the cars and also the gravitational forces on the human occupants.

I think you get the picture now right? Well, I will let it sink in

Inside a car, driver with red mobile phone next to steering wheel

Using a mobile phone whilst driving, really friend?

Friend, you and I both know it is illegal to use a hand-held phone while driving, even if stopped or queued in traffic. The only time you are permitted to use a hand-held phone is if you are safely parked or if you need to call 999 or 112 in an emergency when it would be unsafe or impractical to stop.

I say, why put me, you, those in your car and others on the road in their mode of transport in danger? Please this Sunday and all proceeding Sundays I would love to find my happy place…

Take some time to think about it and let me know what you think. Or better yet as you will not be focusing on your crown jewels. You will see me and give me a smile? Not a wave, as I would not want someone else to write a friendly note about why you took your hand off the wheel.

Thank you for trying to understand things from my end, and for seeing the dangers. I love and care for you!

Take care!

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