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Why Spending Money on Family Holidays Is Important

Investing in family holidays strengthens relationships, creates lasting memories, and promotes well-being.

The current climate for families in the UK and worldwide is challenging; spending money on family holidays is possibly the last thing on many people’s minds. As a result, it is most likely a nonstarter for this year’s family summer holidays.

In those families, just about keeping above the breadline, cheap, free, or inexpensive words come to mind. We do not want to spend too much money on holidays because we are afraid of wasting money and not knowing when this economic crunch will end.

Spending money on family holidays does not mean it has to be expensive. I hope I can demonstrate the importance of spending money on family holidays in this post. The different ways you can spend money on holiday, and the benefits of family holidays.

The first point to address is how did we get to this point, where families worldwide are forced to take drastic actions?

Cost Of Living Is Soaring Around the World

Across the world, household budgets are being tightly squeezed, with the cost of living soaring to an eye-watering year high. In basic terms, inflation is biting; we are having general increases in prices whilst at the same time a fall in the purchasing value of money.

Some inflation is good for us all; it should ideally mean people’s income rises at least at the same pace as prices. In the UK, the Bank of England has a target of a 2% increase in prices, which is a safe level for the economy to grow. It adjusts this by gradually increasing or decreasing the interest rates.

The Bank of England has the most unenviable task of balancing the gas pedal and the clutch pedal to prevent the car from stalling (assuming you drive a manual vehicle). As interest rates increase, savers are happy; however, mortgages as repayments also increase, and people’s pockets are hit hard.

Considering that households’ cost of living is reaching record highs worldwide, measures are being taken by chancellors to help families. How long inflation is likely to remain high is why politicians are there to protect those that put them there. You will find that these issues are not just limited to your country; they are global challenges, as you can see below in global inflation rates.

Global Inflation Rates Since 2020

Importance of Spending Money on Family Holidays: –

A family holiday is a great way to spend quality time together and make memories. In addition, a family holiday is one of the best ways to bond and connect with your loved ones. The memories you create on your family holidays will stay with you forever.

The same goes for money, spending money on family holidays is a good thing to do. However, it always holds true that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great time with your family. For one, I would say I am batting on the lower end of sociality when it comes to money spent on holidays. Yet, the kids and I have a great time away together on a low budget.

There are several ways that you can spend less and still enjoy yourself. The best thing about holidays is that they can be as much fun as you wish them to be.

Holidays are not mutually exclusive to the immediate bloodline; they include singles, couples, and children; they are for families! If you want to make sure that your family has a great time together, you should plan a holiday to include all.

Money will always dictate the location and the perceived quality, but this does not mean you should worry about spending money on family holidays. But with attention during your planning phase, you can manage the finances. You can do numerous things before and during your holiday to ensure it falls within your budget. The critical ingredient is that everyone likes it and enjoys themselves.

The following are some reasons why spending money on family holidays is worth it, and in hard times we should not go without it:

Children, like adults, find travel to be more fulfilling

Most parents see a holiday as an opportunity to spend time with their children. Travelling can be a great way to bond with your family and create memories that will last a lifetime. However, it’s also important to remember that children, like adults, find travel to be more fulfilling when they are involved in the planning process.

So, while it may seem more straightforward to just book an all-inclusive resort on the beach and let the kids run wild in their swimsuits, consider involving them in the decision-making process and planning ahead so you can make this trip memorable for everyone.

“The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories.” – Og Mandino.

Og Mandino added that children who travel with their parents or other caregivers also feel more connected with them than when they’re not travelling.

A study conducted by Amy Owen & Roseanna Bourke showed how young people develop and how their experiences influence them over time. They demonstrated how travel affects brain development and behaviour in children. And found that travelling together as a family has many positive effects on children’s well-being.

Spending Money on Family Holidays with Big Family on an Family Adventure on Beach With Sunset
Spending Money on Family Holidays with Big Family on an Family Adventure on Beach With Sunset

Build family relationships

Holidays are a great way to strengthen relationships with your family members. They can help build trust and communication among family members. In addition, when you’re away from home, you’ll have time to spend with each other as a group without distractions or busy schedules getting in the way. Which in turn increases connection time with each other, leading to stronger bonds as a family unit.

More robust connectivity is also established with your children. Spending time with your kids is one of the most important things you can do as a parent, not just for them but for you. It helps them learn about the world and generally teaches them about life. Holidays are an opportunity for you as a parent to get closer to your child and vice versa. To share experiences together that can last forever.

Creates happy memories

Holidays are a great way to create memories with your family. Whether you go on a road trip, take a cruise, or just stay local and do nothing, holidays can be fun and relaxing. There is something about the change of scenery and being in another environment that makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

You will come back home with a new perspective on things and feel like you want to get back into your daily routine.

By taking your kids to new places, they will have fun experiences that they can talk about with their friends and family members. This can help them feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves. It will also make them feel more confident in themselves and their ability to handle difficult situations.

Creates more fun for your children

Children love to travel. It may be because they get to explore new places or meet new people, but they also get to do things that they would not usually be able to do at home.

They might also learn about different cultures and traditions by visiting museums or landmarks in other countries. Holidays can even help kids learn about history by visiting historical sites like museums and castles.

Spending Money on Family Holidays Siblings Putting Up A Parasol At A Beach
Spending Money on Family Holidays Siblings Putting Up A Parasol At A Beach

Help children become more social and independent

One of the most essential parts of a child’s development is their ability to be independent. Travelling with their family gives them a chance to practice this skill. Imagine if you never left your home; you would never know what it was like to live somewhere else or make friends with people different from you.

A family holiday is a great way to help your child become more social and independent when they are young. If you have a toddler or preschooler, they will learn how to play with other kids their own age. They will also learn to use their imagination and be creative while on holiday.

Its the perfect time to rest and relax

The old adage ‘The family that plays together, stays together.’ holds true. Holidays are a great way to spend quality time as a family. If you’re looking for ways to grow closer as a family and want to make lasting memories, planning a holiday is a perfect way.

It’s the perfect time to rest and relax. Everyone deserves some time away from daily routines, which is especially true for parents of young children. A holiday gives you time away from work, school, or other commitments so you can relax and recharge. So, by spending money on a family holiday, you will be able to have a more enjoyable and memorable time with your family.

Give a boost to your children’s education.

The benefits of travelling with the family are not just limited to the adults, but also extend to children. The best part of travelling with kids is that it gives them a chance to learn about different cultures and customs.

Children are exposed to different people, places, and things in their daily lives. As a result, they can explore new things, meet new people, and learn about their surroundings more meaningfully.

Travelling with children has many advantages, including boosting their education level. For example, it’s been proven that kids who travel early in life tend to be better students than those who don’t travel until they’re older. In addition, these children interact with other people more often, which helps them develop their social skills much faster than those who don’t travel as much.

Conclusion on Spending Money on Family Holidays

While there are plenty of other benefits, one of the best things about taking holidays is just the ability to unplug and enjoy yourself. These trips can serve as an escape from our other responsibilities—whether it be work, school, or even time with our family.

While the current times are hard for many families worldwide, the very thing that offers us a break from the harsh climate must not be what we will forgo. So, don’t sell yourself short, and eliminate this summer’s holiday to save money. Our mental well-being is something we must try to sustain; the evidence supports this.

Happy 2022 Holidays, Guys! Start planning one that fits your family’s needs and budget, and make it a good one!



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