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Where Is My Angel? Navigating the Wilderness of Waiting


Exploring the profound question of seeking divine intervention and the transformative power of resilience, surrender, and deepening faith during challenging times.

Where is my angel? In the sphere of faith and divine guidance, we often find relief in the stories of God sending angels to assist and uplift His people. These celestial beings, angels, are messengers of hope and divine intervention.

Yet, for some of us, the experience of waiting for our own angel can feel like crisscrossing the wilderness, uncertain and filled with longing. We grapple with questions, search for signs, and wonder why our angel has yet to appear.

While this is a tongue-in-cheek post, waiting for our angel is difficult. It can be filled with doubt, impatience, and moments of questioning our faith. This hovering on the edge of anticipation is made worse when you are at odds with religion, as I am.

I feel forgotten and overlooked amidst the chaos of life’s challenges. However, I read and am told that in these moments of waiting, I expected to navigate the wilderness of my emotions and find strength in my trust in God’s timing.

While we may not have all the answers or understand the intricacies of divine timing, we can find peace in the belief that our angel is on their way. If you are a person of faith, navigating the wilderness of waiting requires resilience, surrender, and deepening your faith.

This post was motivated by four articles in ‘The Word for Today.’ These articles touch on God sending angels, and instantly, I wondered, where is my angel?

A solitary figure navigates a path through a vast wilderness, embodying the essence of solitude and the feeling of being lost. Wondering where is my angel.

Where Is My Angel

As I journey through my spiritual conflicts and wrestle with questions about my beliefs, I couldn’t help but chuckle when I stumbled upon ‘The Word for Today’ article titled ‘When God Sends You an Angel.’ It made me ponder, “Where is my angel?” If angels are being sent to others for various reasons, why haven’t I encountered my own?

While battling my demons, I question whether it’s appropriate to associate angels and demons in the same context. Nevertheless, I can’t help but wonder why I don’t see these invisible angels when I’m engulfed in my own struggles.

My internal turmoil feels like the gathering clouds of a hurricane, gradually building in intensity until an eruption becomes inevitable. It is during these moments that I find solace in writing blog posts such as ‘Coping Strategies for Difficult Times: The Value of Emotional Resonance’ and ‘Potential for Greatness or Screwed for Life: Embracing Change,’ which delve into the depths of the demons within me. Yet, even in these moments, I strive to make sense of the world and seek purpose, as highlighted in my blog post, ‘Dream Horse: Dreams and Desires.’

Despite everything, I am still rooted in the spiritual presence of a higher being. I continue grappling with Christianity and Islam; I may even explore a third religion. The juxtaposition of fighting demons while searching for my angel is an intriguing combination that keeps me questioning and seeking answers.

When God Sends You an Angel: Stories of Divine Intervention

All things are possible with divine intervention, but where is my angel? The articles discuss how God often sends angels to assist and guide His people. These angelic encounters may not always match our preconceived notions. Angels can appear in ordinary forms, easily overlooked by our limited understanding. The four articles can be summed up as follows.

Just as angels ministered to those who inherited salvation, God continues to send these celestial beings to fulfil His purposes. Their presence may be seen in various situations, such as delivering individuals from trouble, changing life’s direction, and providing strength during challenging times.

The stories of Hagar, Mary, Lot, and Moses showcase God’s human intervention through angels. When Hagar felt abandoned and vulnerable, an angel appeared, assuring her of her son’s destiny. Mary, facing public humiliation, received vindication through an angel’s visitation, affirming her divine purpose.

Similarly, Lot’s family was rescued from the imminent destruction of Sodom by angelic intervention. Moses lost in the wilderness, encountered an angel within a burning bush, setting the stage for his transformation and leadership.

God’s divine assistance extends beyond specific stories. When faced with daunting challenges or weary battles against temptation, angels can offer strength and support. Even in the darkest moments, when we feel the weight of our calling is unbearable, God sends angels to lift us up. These celestial beings guide, protect, and remind us that divine help is always coming. Embracing the reality of angelic intervention brings reassurance and affirms the depth of God’s love for His people.

Abstract art of a celestial light or angelic figure, symbolizing divine intervention and spiritual guidance.

Situations When God Might Send An Angel

‘The Word for Today’ articles titled ‘When God Sends You an Angel’ suggested that these are the moments when your angel may be sent!

When those you love and trust have disappointed you

When those you love and trust have disappointed you, it refers to the experience of being let down by individuals who hold an important place in your life. For example, this disappointment can arise when a close friend breaks your trust, a family member betrays your confidence, or a partner proves unfaithful.

It is a moment that shakes the foundation of your relationships and raises questions about the trustworthiness of those you deeply care about.

When you’re facing embarrassment and can’t defend yourself

This deals with those challenging moments when you find yourself in a situation that brings about feelings of shame, humiliation, or vulnerability, and you lack the means to protect your reputation or counter the judgment of others.
It’s when you may feel exposed, defenceless, and at the mercy of external opinions.

When grieving the death of someone you love and fearing for your future

These moments encompass the profound emotional pain and sorrow accompanying losing a cherished person in your life. It’s a time when you may grapple with the overwhelming grief of their absence and feel anxious or uncertain about what lies ahead.

In such moments, the weight of grief can feel unbearable as you navigate the void left by the departed loved one. Yet, simultaneously, you may experience a deep apprehension and fear about moving forward without their guidance, companionship, and support.

To get you out of trouble, but where is my angel?

To get you out of trouble refers to the divine intervention or assistance that occurs when you find yourself in difficult or dangerous situations. It is a moment when external help is provided to rescue or protect you from harm, providing a way out when all seems lost.

Consider a situation where you are facing a perilous circumstance, such as being trapped in a life-threatening condition or encountering a crisis with seemingly no solution. In these moments, divine intervention can manifest as unexpected assistance, guidance, or a series of fortunate events that lead to your safety and deliverance.

To change your life’s direction

This is the transformative journey of altering the trajectory of your life to pursue a new path or purpose. It involves recognising the need for change, making courageous decisions, and intentionally redirecting your life differently.

This process often arises when you feel unfulfilled, dissatisfied, or stagnant in your current circumstances and desire a more meaningful and purpose-driven existence.

A stirring depiction of a resilient individual, either standing strong amidst a storm or persistently climbing a mountain, symbolizing the journey of faith and overcoming challenges.

When you’re facing your biggest challenge

These are moments when you encounter significant obstacles, difficulties, or adversities that test your strength, resilience, and determination. It is a time when you confront circumstances that push you beyond your comfort zone and require you to summon all your inner resources to overcome them.

When you have given it your best and want to give up

This occurs in those moments in life when you have put forth your maximum effort and dedication towards a goal. Still, you are overwhelmed, discouraged, and on the brink of quitting.

It is when exhaustion and self-doubt cloud your mind, and you question whether your hard work and sacrifices are worth it.

When doing the right thing gets you into trouble

This is the situation in life where you face negative consequences or adversity due to acting according to your moral values and principles.

Imagine you encounter a situation where you witness an act of injustice or discrimination and decide to take a stand against it. You speak up, advocate for equality, and challenge the status quo. However, your actions may lead to pushback from those who benefit from the unjust system. You might face criticism, backlash, or even personal attacks for daring to challenge the norms.

Where is my angel? They are on their way when you’re tired of battling temptation

When you feel mentally and emotionally fatigued from continuously resisting the urge to engage in behaviours that are not in line with your values or goals. It’s a state of weariness that arises from the persistent struggle to make choices that align with your best interests.

Let’s say you have committed to following a strict diet plan. Still, you often find yourself tempted by unhealthy food options or cravings. As a result, you experience a constant internal battle between giving in to momentary pleasure and staying committed to your long-term health goals. This ongoing fight against temptation can drain your motivation, leaving you tired and discouraged.

When the load you have been called to carry feels too heavy

There are moments when the responsibilities and expectations placed upon you become overwhelming, making the load you’re carrying feel too heavy to bear.

The emotional and mental weight accompanies the challenges and pressures you face, personally or professionally. It is a time when you may feel exhausted, stressed, and uncertain about how to move forward.

Reflections on Where Is My Angel

The search for our angel becomes a profound reflection in the world of faith and longing. Where is my angel? I cannot answer this, maybe the angel came, and I did not notice? Perhaps my angel might have been disguised as someone needing help? And I turned a blind eye in my moment of weakness?

We get stuck in the wilderness through life’s journey, waiting and yearning for our mysterious celestial companion. The paradox of angels being sent to others while we await our own lingers in our thoughts.

Within the depths of our souls, and yes, we all do have one. We may grapple with our inner demons and yearn for divine intervention. We will all agree that this echoes the universal human experience of longing and questioning. Yet, while the answers may elude us, we find peace in the belief that our angel is drawing near. We have to have hope, as when hope is lost, we question the meaning and purpose of life.

Many books I read informed me that as we navigate life’s intricacy, we discover that the journey holds significance. In the wilderness of waiting, we cultivate resilience, deepen our faith, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Storms may surge, and doubts may arise, yet our trust in divine timing remains steadfast. We are not alone in our search; others share our yearning. Not everyone has a religious faith, but the mother universe works similarly.

The mystery of angels endures, but as we travel life’s journey. We must hold onto the unwavering belief that the answer to “Where Is My Angel” will be revealed someday. Trust that your angel will manifest in time, offering solace, guidance, and divine assistance.




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